Collection: Mother's Day

Our Mother's Day Collection is sure to please with a wide variety of scented candles. Our Signature line of 9.5-ounce luxury candles are long-lasting and smell fantastic. Our large candles typically last 50 hours or more and will beautifully scent a room. We use premium fragrance oils in all our creations. Our candles use cotton wicks and vegetable-based waxes, so our vegan candles are cruelty-free.

Why do think our candles should be labeled sustainable candles? We are very selective about the materials and supplies we use to craft our handmade candles, reed diffusers, and linen sprays. We choose ethically sourced goods, use recycled and recyclable materials whenever possible, and avoid plastics when sensible alternatives exist. Because we are concerned about Greenhouse Gas Emissions, we purchase carbon offsets to reduce the impact of emissions from the making and shipping of our supplies and handmade goods.

Learn more about our Sustainability Commitments here.