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Want More Cozy Vibes?

You can create cozy vibes in your home by adding an appropriate fragrance.  A cheery fragrance placed in your foyer or near your front door provides a warm welcome to your guests, while a bright citrusy scent in your kitchen emotes energy and feelings of cleanliness. 

Consider these ideas as a starting point for creating a cozy ambiance around your home and living spaces using fragrance:

  • Foyer - Creating a welcoming feeling with bright and aromatic fragrances like Clingmans Dome
  • Kitchen - Cooking smells can sometimes take over a kitchen, especially a small kitchen, so try bright citrusy scents to keep this space smelling fresh and clean.  Aromatic and Herbaceous scents also work as complementary scents in any kitchen.  Try Pomander or Champagne, Anyone?.  
  • Home Office – With many people working remotely, it’s sometimes difficult to avoid the distractions of home; laundy always needs to be done, tidying up, and walking Fido to name a few!  Scents that set the stage for concentration or induce feelings of comfort to get you through the work day are sometimes necessary on days like these.  Try Spicy and Woody scents like Autumn Leaves, Christmas Eve, or Winter Wonderland to help boost concentration.  If you feel the need for more comforting fragrances, try our lavender and black tea scented Cuppa Tea
  • Bathroom - Odors can be trapped in small spaces like bathrooms, so adding a bright and aromatic scent is a good way to send out cozy vibes.  Try Pomander or Clingmans Dome.
  • Family Room – A warm and comforting homey fragrance is perfect for a family movie night, while an invigorating bright scent works well for boisterous social gatherings. Try Gingerbread People or Fig Jam for relaxing; or Wassail for social events. 
  • Bedroom – A subtle and relaxing scent is best for your bedside.  Scents like lavender or soft florals work best.  Try Cuppa Tea or Sugared Plum
  • Dining Room – It’s best to avoid added fragrances around the dining table during meals.  But once the meal is over and socializing around the table continues, fragrances can be used to set the desired mood, be it an intimate setting or a friendly round of board games with the neighbors.  For intimacy, try woody / spicy blends like Cranberry Traditions. For an energy to match that of your next Board Games Extravaganza, try citrusy blends like Wassail or Champagne, Anyone?

Keep the cozy vibes going all winter long with fragrances from Sunset View and Rose.  We create unique scents by custom blending premium essential oil-based fragrance oil in our handmade goods.  Our scented candles, reed diffusers, linen sprays, room sprays and solid perfumes are made from non-toxic and cruelty-free materials, to protect you and our environment.