Collection: Solid Perfumes

Solid perfumes are a great way to express yourself in a more intimate and personal way. Although the solid perfumes are highly fragranced, they are really more for you (and the people you allow in your personal space) to enjoy.  Use them throughout the day as your mood and activities change, and feel free to layer scents together to create interesting variations - try Petrichor + Blanche for a focused, calming green floral scent; or Ionian Sea + Film Noir for a sexy beach vibe.  

These creamy balms are made with simple ingredients and have the added benefit of sealing in your skin's natural moisture rather than drying it as would a traditional alcohol-based perfume or cologne. Solid perfumes are portable, easily slipping in a pocket, a purse or a gym bag without the worry of a spill.  Airport travel is a breeze, too! 

Explore our line of solid perfumes today!

Our ingredients are simple and cruelty-free: Jojoba oil, candelilla wax and fragrance. As always, our fragrance oils are phthalate-free.

We avoid single-use plastics whenever we can, and we are proud to offer our solid perfumes in a sustainable, bio-degradable paper push tube.