Collection: Autumn Collection

Our Autumn Collection scents are inspired by childhood nostalgia and favorite memories as adults. We include the stories that inspired our scents because, although we are all unique as individuals, we share common experiences that transcend one person’s experience.  We hope that our scent memories strike up similar nostalgia - or wanderlust - for you, too!

About our Business Ethos:

  • All our ingredients are animal friendly - we do not use beeswax
  • We avoid single use plastics
  • We use glass bottles and jars instead of plastic because it is readily recycled. The glass we use also has recycled content, ranging between 30-100%, which reduces the need for new raw materials, uses less energy to produce, and releases fewer emissions.
  • We purchase carbon offsets each year to counter emissions produced by manufacturing and shipping our handmade goods
  • Our retail packaging is made from recycled paper and is recyclable
  • Our glass jars are reusable and make great drinking glasses. Learn more about our Vessel Return Program