Wintery scene with snow covered tree branches in the distance, and a thick blanket of snow in the foreground.  Thin clouds blow rapidly across a blue sky.

Winter Wonderland - The Story Behind the Scent

Scent Profile:  Top Note of cooling Eucalyptus that opens to middle notes of Cypress, Moss, Bayberry and Amber, with prominent base notes of Fir, Incense and Patchouli. 

The Inspiration: When we lived in Boston, we frequently spent part of the weekend outdoors at the shore kayaking or hiking.  In mild winter storms we would break out the snowshoes and hike around in the falling snow.  We often hiked near home, preferring Wompatuck State Park because it wasn’t far from our suburban town south of Boston.  Our daughter was 15 months old or so when we decided to snowshoe one winter afternoon.  A heavy snow had recently fallen and wrapped the tree limbs in a thick blanket.  It was so crisp and beautiful; the air is so fresh after new fallen snow. Especially among the pines and cedars, it looked to me like a winter wonderland.

I remember playing with our daughter in the new fallen snow, making snow angels and throwing handfuls of snow in the air.  As I walked past a pine tree, my husband Stephan subtly yanked the bough over my head and I was half buried under snow, some getting trapped between my neck and my coat collar (he’s a turkey, isn’t he?).  We all had good laughs and enjoyed the moment. 

But soon the weather turned colder and the skies darkened again, threatening more snow.  Time to head back to the car.  Although we’d been to the park a bunch of times, we lost our way because the hiking paths – and blazes on the trees – were also covered in that thick blanket of snow.  I remember looking back at my husband, carrying our baby girl in a backpack and seeing her cheeks a chapped rosy shade and telling him worriedly that we need to get back to the car.  Remember when cell service was patchy?  Yeah, there wasn’t a signal to be had at Wompatuck, not back then anyway.  Fortunately, we didn’t wander too long, maybe 15 or 20 minutes, before we found our way back to the parking lot.  

With relief, we piled into the car to our waiting thermos of cocoa and headed back home, safe and sound.  Wow, those trees looked amazing under the cover of snow.

Are you a fan of winter hiking? How do you keep track of the trail when you can't see the blazes?

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