View looking upward at street sign showing the intersection of Sunset View Dr and Rose Blvd

What Sunset View and Rose means to me

My family lived in West Akron, Ohio, during the 70's and 80's in a neighborhood of families with kids of similar ages.  Around 1980 we moved three blocks over when my sister was born.  The intersection of two main streets near both homes was Sunset View Drive and South Rose Boulevard.  I founded my company, Sunset View and Rose, as a call-back to those carefree times growing up when discovering the world - making foundational memories - was part of my daily routine.   

I remember catching lightning bugs with my sisters at dusk on a humid summer night.  Walking to the corner store to buy Pixy Stix.  Playing "freeze tag" in the yard, gorging on raspberries from the vacant lot across the street, and learning to make fresh lemonade.  Waiting for snowflakes and ice skating at Forest Lodge.  I grew up in an exceptional neighborhood in an exceptional time and I'm thankful my parents were able to provide these things for my sisters and me. 

Sunset View and Rose, Where Scent and Memory Meet. 

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