Icy cold glass of lemonade, adorned with sliced lemon wheels sitting on a wooden cutting board.  Additional lemon slices are decoratively arranged.

Lemonade - The Story Behind the Scent

I love the bright tangy flavor of lemonade, and I love the scent of lemon oil from the peel when zesting a lemon (or any citrus fruit for that matter). 

I learned how to make lemonade in first grade from my best friend’s mom.  We wanted to have a lemonade stand, so Mrs. Williams showed her daughter, Amy, and I how to squeeze the lemons with a juicer and how to catch the seeds.  It took so much time to squeeze one cup of lemon juice, and it went everywhere, we must have left a sticky kitchen mess for Mrs. Williams.  We added one cup of sugar to the juice and stirred forever to get it to dissolve, then we added six cups of water.  Et Voila, homemade lemonade!  I remember thinking that it was so simple, there must be some magic to making lemonade taste so good.

This lemony scent takes me right back to childhood every time. 

Did you ever have a lemonade stand? 

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