Maple leaves in autumnal hues of orange, yellow and red.

Fall is In The Air

It seems the weather is following our calendars because the first day of fall here in PA was brisk, with that dry, cool air smell that only fall brings.  My favorite thing about fall is watching the leaves change color, and I'm hoping for spectacular color this year.  I like the way leaves smell, a mix of peat and wood, fresh air, a hint of smoke from neighbors burning leaves.  Ah, but then the leaves fall and the weeks of raking leaves begin.  

My sisters and I have fond memories of hiding in piles of leaves while Dad raked, trying to scare him and erupting in a storm of giggles when he inevitably feigned surprise.  Dad is a good sport and always played along.  I developed the "Autumn Leaves" scent as a call-back to autumns long ago spent playing in leaf piles. If you have fond memories of jumping in the leaves like I do, or just enjoy the way the scent of cool fall air, be sure to try my new fall scent, "Autumn Leaves". 

Check out this peak color map (credit: NPR and to find when foliage will be at its best in your area!  

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