Autumn Leaves Inspiration

As an Ohio girl, I always look forward to fall.  Picking apples in the orchard, bonfires, fall festivals, trips to the pumpkin patch, and of course, sweater weather.  I especially love the hallmarks of a supremely colorful fall - cool misty nights and warm sunny days.  

We had a big yard with several mature trees at the first house I ever remember calling home.  The yard would fill with leaves for weeks, leaves blowing about with every gust of wind. My sisters and I would hide in piles of leaves while Dad raked, jumping up in unison with leaves scattering everywhere and erupting in a storm of giggles when he inevitably feigned surprise.  Dad was a good sport and always played along. 

Autumn Leaves is a call-back to autumns long ago spent playing in leaf piles.

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