Old Key West Scent Inspiration

Scent Profile:  Top notes of bright Key Lime and Grapefruit open to middle notes of Rhum Agricole, Clove, and Labdanum.  Earthy base notes of mossy Oak, Amber, Leather, and Tobacco complement this masculine scent.  

The Inspiration:  Imagine it’s the year 1868.  A man clad in a linen suit walks down a dusty tree-lined street, trying to escape the heat in the shade of the mossy live oaks.  He checks his pocket watch and looks around.  New construction is evident everywhere he goes.  As he walks, he hears an impassioned voice speaking through the open door of the cigar factory.  The lectore reads from the Spanish newspaper to the workers while they roll tobacco leaves.  This is a very prosperous time for Key West, what with the many cigar factories, the salt ponds, the spongers, and of course, the salvage wreckers. He certainly earns a tidy profit by the sale of goods salvaged from near weekly shipwrecks along the shallow coral Florida Reef.  The man approaches the port and sees a ship from Havanna offloading people and cargo.  Talk of the Cuban Revolution is on everyone’s lips.  Arriving at his destination, the man enters his trading house, where the scent of imports and exports are considered exotic anywhere else but in Key West.  

The scents of lime, rhum, tobacco and humidity let you know that you were in Key West then as well as today.  Old Key West is a complex, masculine scent that somehow perfectly melds a storied past with a mellow present.  

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